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AIDS Hospice inaugurated

(23 Sep '03)

25 Sept 2003, Kochi An AIDS Hospice was inaugurated  during the Amritavarsham50 Celebrations at Kochi by Mr.Murali Manohar Joshi, Hon. Union Minister for Human Resource Development. Sri T.N.Chathurvedi, His Excellency the Governor of Karnataka and Smt. K.R. Gouri, Minister of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala, were also present. In his inaugural speech, Dr. Joshi expressed Amma’s […]

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Amma in Finnish upper primary textbooks

(21 Sep '03)

21 september 2003, Amritapuri Amma is featured in a new textbook of World Religions for 6th- to 8th-grade students in Finland. At the end of the section on Hinduism, under the title Hinduism in Finland, there is a picture of Amma giving darshan. She is smiling in the picture. The caption for the picture reads, […]

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Colours of Compassion

(20 Sep '03)

September 2003 — Cochin, Kerala True art must necessarily be inspired art, and it is therefore with great anticipation that we await the ‘Colours of Compassion’ Exhibition, to be unveiled during the Amritavarsham 50- Embracing the World for Peace and Harmony celebrations in Kochi next month. In response to the fount of inspiration that is […]

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Our every need

(17 Sep '03)

17 September 2003,Wednesday night Amritapuri Have you wondered how the thousands of devotees will find sanitary facilities during Mother’s birthday celebrations in Cochin? Read on. Each night after bhajans, 150 or so devotees crowd around the stairway to Amma’s apartment to delight in Her feeding of Ram, the ashram elephant. Tonight Mother showed Her design […]

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No one But You

(17 Sep '03)

17 september 2003,Amritapuri For many of Amma’s devotees around the world, the fact that Amma speaks Malayalam has not been a barrier, because our Mother speaks the Universal language of Love. Even so, when Amma started singing “Iswar Tumhi Daya Karo” in French during Her Reunion Island visit, the news spread like wildfire – and […]

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Amma in Finnish senior high school textbook

(13 Sep '03)

Amma has made Her way into yet another Finnish school textbook, this time for students in senior high school [pre-university in India]. The Ark of Finnish Religion features under a section entitled “Religious Diversity,” a photo of Amma giving darshan, is a short description of Amma’s visits to Finland since 1998, the year the Amma […]

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The Kumbha Mela of the South

(13 Sep '03)

100,000 people are going to sleep in 42 schools, 105 community centres and marriage halls, and 52 spacious temporary tents

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