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Elephant worship on Ganesha Chaturthi

(31 Aug '03)

31 August 2003 — Amritapuri Sri Ganesha, in the form of Ram, the ashram elephant, was led into Amritapuri’s large hall at about 8 a.m. this morning. The waiting devotees received Him with expressions of joy, for today was His birthday, Ganesha Chaturthi. Standing within an area cordoned off by elaborate kolam designs (decorative patterns […]

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Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique

(24 Aug '03)

24 Aug 2003, Amritapuri The first IAM Technique® meditation course for Ammas western  devotees here at Amritapuri has just been completed, and a batch  of about 50 new initiates have now received the precious gift of  Ammas unique meditation instructions. For those that were  fortunate enough to be initiated earlier this year, refresher courses  are […]

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Hold me like the river

(23 Aug '03)

23 August, 2003 Amritapuri The story begins in Rhode Island, when a handful of Amma’s Western children sang Michael Jackson’s “Hold Me”, the theme song to the movie, “Free Willie.” Already a touching song with spiritual implications, with just a few adjustments in the lyrics, the song was transformed into a heartfelt tribute to Amma. […]

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Healer of Healers

(14 Aug '03)

Amma talks with medical students 14 August 2003, Amritapuri 100 medical students from Amrita University came to Amritapuri and received the blessing of a private group meeting with Amma today. Most were meeting Amma for the very first time, and had just completed their first 2 weeks of life in medical school. This batch of […]

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Independence Day

(14 Aug '03)

14 Aug 2003,Amritapuri It was late in the evening of 14th August, and Amritapuri witnessed a quiet metamorphosis, brought about by the engineering and computer students of the Amrita Institutions. At around 10 pm, as Amma led the chanting of Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu, the youth started lighting lamps on the floor of the expansive […]

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Spiritual relationship between husband and wife

(9 Aug '03)

Question: Amma, could you please give us some instructions about marriage and married life? Amma: Marriage and married life, in fact, are another way to attain God-realization, although many are not aware of it. For the attainment of this goal, both the husband and the wife need a certain amount of understanding about leading a […]

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Living in Guru’s presence

(9 Aug '03)

How fortunate we all are to be in a Guru-disciple relationship, living so intimately with a Mahatma like Amma, who is ever established in the Supreme Consciousness. We have so much personal contact with Her, and we are able to see the various ways in which She instructs and uplifts Her disciples and devotees. Many […]

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