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Feeling the heat in Palakkad

(25 Apr '02)

25-27 April 2002,Palakkad Brahmasthanam Festival “My children must be suffering – both from the heat outside and the heat inside,” said Amma in one of Her morning satsangs in Palakkad. During the three-day Brahmasthanam Festival there (April 25-27), the temperature was consistently reaching 43 degrees Celsius – the earth was scorched, the lakes were dry, […]

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Come running when the bell rings

(14 Apr '02)

14 April 2002,Amritapuri On 13th April, Saturday, Amma made a surprise visit to the prayer hall at 5:00 a.m., as the morning archana was about to begin, to take the attendance of the ashramites taking part in the morning chanting. Later in the afternoon Amma came unannounced for the meditation. Normally, before Amma comes for […]

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Fireworks meditation

(13 Apr '02)

13 April 2002,Vishu Eve, Amritapuri Amma had finished playing with Ram; normally, She would go up Her steps to Her room. This night was different. Instead, suddenly She made Her way to the front steps of the temple. It seems the computer students from the ashrams’ Institute had arranged a special fireworks display for the […]

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