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(24 Feb '02)

24 February 2002, Hyderabad During the large public programmes on the North Indian Tour, some people try to sneak in more than one darshan in a day. But although the crowds sometimes reach more than 10,000, Amma’s memory never fails. Often She will call someone on their mischief, and She’s even been known to give […]

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The Bhajan game

(21 Feb '02)

21 February 2002 The bus trip from Davengere to Hyderabad: Night stop Just when I thought I could not handle being on the bus one minute longer, we came to a stop. We were told we would be meeting Amma for chai. I quickly jumped to my feet — joy pulsing from my being, chanting […]

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A meeting with death at twilight hours

(21 Feb '02)

21 February 2002, On the way to Hyderabad – North India Tour The sun had all but completely set. Glowing like embers, it hung just above the horizon. Amma emerged from Her camper. She looked to the West and waved excitedly at the departing sun – seemingly overjoyed at having caught the last opportunity to […]

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Laugh more!

(20 Feb '02)

20 February, Davangere to Hyderabad bus journey – Lunch stop So far the trip from Davangere to Hyderabad has been our longest journey, approximately 24 hours. It was an exhausting journey, especially physically. The only thing that is keeping me from flying from city to city is the stops with Mother. These stops make the […]

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Amma visits the upcoming Engineering college – Bangalore

(18 Feb '02)

18 February, Bangalore , Karnataka – Bharata Yatra 2002 Amma visited the upcoming Engineering college at Bangalore, during Her visit to the city. The college will offer courses in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, in Electronics and Telecommunications and in Computer Engineering. The college will impart value based Education as a part of its curriculum similar […]

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Amma blesses Mysore with homes and healthcare

(14 Feb '02)

14 Feb 2002, Mysore – Bharata yatra 2002 Amma’s darshan programs in Mysore in 2002 began with the implementation of charities and the request for more. Shining as bright as diamonds, Amma greeted Karnataka’s District Minister H. Viswanath with a loving embrace. The full hall of devotees listened on as the minister thanked Amma for […]

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Something was there!

(13 Feb '02)

13February 2002,En route to Mysore The first stop on Amma’s 2002 Mahayatra was Mananthavadi, Kerala, where a Brahmasthanam Temple was installed last year. The ashram and Amritavidyalayam School are nestled in the Nilgiri hills among lush rain forests and coffee and tea plantations. Those travelling with Amma had been road weary and tired from the […]

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