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Until 8 am in France

(28 Oct '00)

28 – 30 October 2000, Paris, France Paris has traditionally been the site of the largest darshan programmes in Europe. Year 2000 is no exception. Many of the people who came to be with Amma each day were newcomers. The Holy Mother wanted to receive every single person and the morning programme could stretch on […]

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Deepavali in London

(26 Oct '00)

24 – 26 October, London, Amma was in London on Deepavali day (festival of light). As She arrived for the Devi puja, she was greeted by a great array of lights and colours before entering the hall. Local devotees, about twenty on each side, waved brightly coloured sparklers whilst chanting “Om Amriteshwaryai Namah”. Children and […]

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Unity is Peace: Amma’s address on 50th anniversary of the UN

(21 Oct '00)

Amma’s address at the Interfaith Celebration in honour of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, delivered at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, 21 October 1995. Unity is Peace Salutations to all those present, who are verily of the nature of Supreme Love. Amma would like to take this opportunity to […]

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Amma Graces 50th Anniversary of The United Nations 1995

(21 Oct '00)

Amma graces Interfaith Celebration 50th Anniversary of United Nations Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, 21 October 1995 Amma was invited to speak at the United Nations Conference on Visions for the 21st Century, timed to coincide with the 50th Anniversary Summit of the United Nations. The Temple of Understanding and the Council […]

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‘My Seva Children!’

(20 Oct '00)

20 – 22 October 2000, Waregem, Belgium Belgium was a short drive from Germany. Local devotees and the travelling group worked together to transform the enormous room into a darshan hall. What a glorious surprise it was when Amma visited the dining room the night before the first programme. All those who were busy doing […]

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Meditation is like a tonic

(20 Oct '00)

Question: Can meditation be harmful? It is said that a person’s head becomes heated when he meditates. Amma: It is always better to be taught by a Guru how to meditate. Meditation is like a tonic. A tonic nourishes the body. The tonic comes with certain instructions. If you just ignore the instructions and swallow […]

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The children’s stage

(18 Oct '00)

13 – 18 October 2000, Munich and Bonn After Zurich Amma’s next two stops were in Germany. Three days in Munich, and two days in Bonn. It was the turn of Amma’s German children to enjoy Her presence and the showers of love and attention that She was offering. The Munich programmes were a treat […]

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