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Amma is beyond all Bhavas

(1 Apr '00)

Question: If Advaita (non-duality) is the Truth, why is bhava darshan necessary? Amma: Amma is not confined to any bhava (mood). She is beyond all bhavas. Advaita is the experience of non-duality. When there are no two, everything is the Atmaswarupa (form of the Self); everything is God. This is also the message that Amma […]

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The irresistible pull

(1 Apr '00)

1 April 2000, Singapore At sunset Mother led Her devotees to a nearby park to meditate. They sat quietly together for a quarter of an hour, and then rose to head back home. Imagine the scene: a quiet, upscale neighbourhood, with neatly trimmed lawns and clean streets. Out of nowhere, there suddenly appears a small […]

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