24 January 2001, Chennai

This year, Amma’s Devi Bhava darshan in Chennai finished at around 7:30 a.m. Yet, even after sitting and receiving all her children for about 12 hours, Amma wanted no rest. Within ten minutes of the curtains closing on the Devi Bhava, she had reappeared in a fresh white sari, ready to travel to the next destination. But not without another of her lilas…

As soon as the Devi Bhava ended, the devotees had rushed to form a pathway for Amma to walk the short distance between the stage and Her car, hoping to catch that last glimpse of Her. Everyone was waiting in silent anticipation, except a young child, whose loud crying filled the air. This child’s parents were trying everything they could to pacify their child, but nothing worked. Finally, Amma appeared and began to stroll through the pathway. She walked right up to where the child was crying, took it in Her arms, and the crying stopped instantly! The crowd was so struck by this scene that everyone began to applaud and laugh simultaneously! After a few moments, when Amma returned the baby to its parents, it started bawling again immediately, much to everyone’s amusement. The child sure knew what it wanted!

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Category : Around Amma / Around Amma 2001