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Things won’t work if we wait for others to change. Be The Change

Even if they do not change, we should be willing to change

101 Village adoption

Amrita Water Distribution System: Water Management in Rural India

Oct 2015Under our Amrita SeRVe initiative–101 village adoption program–the people of the villages of Harirampur of Rajasthan; Guptapada, Odisha; and Komalikudi of Kerala are now able to receive water through an underground pipeline system in front of their houses. In all these villages, pipelines were laid, overhead water tanks were built, pump sets were installed, […]

Around Amma Around Amma 2005 Satsang Tsunami

The water is a delightful game

16 March 2005 — Amritapuri The 30 children from Alappad who are currently taking swimming lessons in the Ashram swimming pool came to Amma with a desire: Would Amma go swimming with them? Word got around pretty quick. Soon everywhere one went one would people talking in hushed yet excited tones: Did you hear? Amma […]