America 2018 Around Amma 2018

The world would have transformed to heaven

June 16-19, Santa Fe, New Mexico, America Yatra 2018 As has become almost expected with Amma’s annual visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico, the area was met with uncharacteristic rainfall up Amma’s arrival, showering the earth and blessing Santa Fe. According to the Tewa tradition, rain is seen as a beautiful gift from the ancestors, signifying […]

America 2015 Around Amma 2015

Uphold the ancient tradition for future generations

20-23 June, Santa Fe, USA – America Yatra 2015 The first day of programs saw a larger than normal crowd and ended just past 6pm. After a short break, Amma returned to the hall at 7:30pm for satsang, bhajans, and darshan. On the first morning, four generations of Tewa Indian dancers performed a Winter Buffalo […]