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  • The significance of chanting Brahmarpanam before meals

    The significance of chanting Brahmarpanam before meals

    It is not only about expressing gratitude for the food we eat but also about recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings and elements involved in bringing that food to our plates

  • Kobe programe

    18 Oct 2008, Kobe, Japan Swami Purnamritananda Puri arrived in Kobe, Japan on the morning of October 11th conducting the first program of his month long tour in Japan this year at Sanda Satonone Hall. The program began with an introductory video about Amma’s Tsunami Relief work and the Japanese Student Volunteers who participate in…

  • Fill Your Hearts with Love and Gratitude

    Fill Your Hearts with Love and Gratitude

    Excerpted from Amma’s 2008 New Year’s Talk Midnight, 1 January 2008 — Amritapuri We are all very happy that another New Year is upon us,” Amma said. “Happiness is good for the health of the body and the mind. Our goal is to always be happy. Everyone should always be happy and rejoicing—just like a…

  • Amrita Setu: Connecting lands connecting hearts

    Amrita Setu: Connecting lands connecting hearts

    20 December 2006 — Amritapuri Salutations to all of you who are verily the embodiments of love and the Supreme Self. It’s been nearly two years since the tragedy of the tsunami. Amma can still clearly see the tears and hear the cries of those who lost their near and dear ones that terrible day.…

  • When Amma is not looking

    When Amma is not looking

    5 December 2006 — Amritapuri Question & Answer with AmmaAmma’s children throughout the world know the bliss that wells up in their hearts when Amma’s eyes find theirs. Gazing into that infinity of compassion, the mind stops, grows tender as a flower and one is overcome with love. In that love, the conviction of the…

  • The heart is not in the sandals

    The heart is not in the sandals

    23 August 2005, AmritapuriAs always on Tuesdays, this week all the ashramites gathered for a day of meditation, followed by an opportunity to ask Amma questions and to receive a plate of prasad directly from her hands. When everyone had received prasad, a devotee approached Amma, telling her that she had just scolded another lady…

  • Tsunami kids take classes

    Tsunami kids take classes

    1 May 2005 — Amritapuri Amritapuri was flooded once again, but this time the ashramites were not waist deep in seawater, but in children. Approximately 4,000 children from the villages around the Ashram spent the five days from April 25th to 29th at Amritapuri, taking free classes in Spoken English, Sanskrit and Yoga. The children—who…

  • Sciences of ancient India

    Sciences of ancient India

    1 March 2005, Amritapuri One of the Ashram residents had read something in the paper and wanted to share it with Amma. So she placed the clipping in a pile of questions on Amma’s peetham during Tuesday’s Meditation Day. It was the story of a group of elephants kept at a resort in Phuket, Thailand,…