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The meaning and importance of Navaratri worship

Children, Navaratri is an occasion for worshiping Parashakti, the Almighty Goddess, who is the cause of the universe. Navaratri is a time for vows, austerities and worship. The ways of worshiping vary from place to place. In some places, a different aspect of Devi is worshiped on each day. In other places, She is worshiped […]

Around Amma Around Amma 2001

Kali In the kitchen

13 August 2001, AmritapuriThere was an eager crowd waiting for Mother after bhajans; that’s when She feeds and plays with Ram. But Ram was not to be seen. When Mother came, instead of walking to Her room, She took a left turn and strode into the big, new “industrial” kitchen. It was time for one […]