Around Amma Around Amma 2005

An eagle comes for Amma’s bhajan

11 March 2005, Amritapuri Om manusya-mrga-paksyadi sarva-samsevitanghraye namah(Salutations to the feet of She who is served by humans, animals, birds and all others.) It’s like something out of a fairy taleā€”but it happened. And not just once but many times, to hear Amma tell it. The eagles fed Her. It’s something to picture: a teenage […]

Around Amma Around Amma 2001

Cat, Monkey and Eagle

2 January 2001, Amritapuri As is customary, Amma came and joined the ashramites in meditation today. A great feeling of peace and silence filled the temple as Amma led Her children through meditation. When the meditation finished, Amma posed a question to all: “What attitude should a spiritual aspirant living at the ashram have?” Several […]