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  • Elephants and innocence

    Elephants and innocence

    4 August 2005, Amritapuri This evening, when Amma reached Her room after bhajans, Ram and Lakshmi, the ashram’s two young elephants, were waiting eagerly for Her. It had been more than two months since they last got prasad from Amma. Both were chained. Previously, only Ram used to be chained. But now, Lakshmi, who used…

  • A time of tragedy, a time of grace

    A time of tragedy, a time of grace

    (Brahmachari Dhyanamrita Chaitanya recollects his experiences during the tsunami and how Amma managed the situation. Later on 3rd Jan Amma announced a Rs. 100-crore relief package to rehabilitate the tsunami victims.) 31 December 2004, Amritapuri I was on the Internet and saw the news that giant waves were hitting Chennai and flooding the city. I…