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Tsunami kids take classes

1 May 2005 — Amritapuri Amritapuri was flooded once again, but this time the ashramites were not waist deep in seawater, but in children. Approximately 4,000 children from the villages around the Ashram spent the five days from April 25th to 29th at Amritapuri, taking free classes in Spoken English, Sanskrit and Yoga. The children—who […]

Value Education

Shodasha Samskaras : 16 Rites of Passage

1. Garbhadana Samskara – is performed by a married couple when conceiving a child. This important Samskara raises the act of conception to a sacred occasion, and is powerfully purifying and uplifting for the unborn child. 2. Pumsavana Samskara – is usually performed between the second and fourth month of pregnancy. Its purpose is: to […]