Around Amma Around Amma 2002

The light in the darkness

28 November 2002, Kochi Amma returns to India and is welcomed by devotees and the media alike. Amma returned from Her European and American Tour today. Upon Her arrival in Kochi, She took part in a press conference organized in the context of Her winning the Gandhi-King Award for Non-violence. Amma answered questions for about […]


on Devotion: Amma says

“Crying to God for five minutes is equal to one hour of meditation. If tears are not coming by themselves, try to cry by thinking, ‘Why am I not able to cry?’ Try to develop devotion. That is the easiest way.” ~ “Love is not something that can be taught by someone or learned from […]


Life: perform action, reap results

Darling Children, life consists of two things: first to perform actions and second to reap the results thereof. If we cultivate the right attitude with which we have to perform actions and the right attitude with which we have to experience the results of those actions, our lives will become full of peace and bliss. […]