Month: November 2001

  • Arrival and departure

    Arrival and departure

    Amma walks among Her Children 26 November 2001 Wherever Amma travels in the world, the basic shape of Her programmes is the same: She generally arrives by car, stops briefly at the entrance to the venue for the traditional Indian cultural greeting for respected persons (a pada puja and a garlanding), then walks down a…

  • Amma’s visit to Europe: Toulon and Torino

    9 November 2001,Toulon, France Amma cooperates with a baby Amma plays hide and seek with a child Amma leads the arati during the Atma Puja Little girls selling flowers 13 November 2001, Torino, Italy Fire-fighters come for darshan. They asked Amma to pray for their fellow fire-fighters in New York. Amma sits for meditation

  • on Innocence: Amma says

    “God has the nature of a small child. God won’t even look at those who do tapas with ego, but He will shower his grace on the innocent hearted ones who don’t do anything. This may be due to His childlike nature.” ~ “Until this point, you have developed only externally, only the body and…

  • Goal of spiritual practices

    “All sadhanas (spiritual practices) are methods to decrease the thoughts and to increase peace and thus slowly man can become God. Not only does one enjoy peace oneself but can give peace to others as well.” “The goal of sadhana is to eliminate the mind, which consists of thoughts and desires. The Self is beyond…

  • All God’s children in Mother’s Lap

    All God’s children in Mother’s Lap

    All Saints’ Day in Paris1 November 2001, Paris Even before nine this morning the queue was long — it stretched for perhaps 200 metres from the entrance. Yet, at that same hour, the hall was already half-full. By Amma’s arrival time, the hall was full — and the queue just as long as it had…

  • Amma’s visit to Europe: Paris

    Amma’s visit to Europe: Paris

    1 November 2001, Paris Amma received by devotees as She arrives in the hall in Paris, France Amma leaving the hall after a long darshan in Paris.