What the Media Says

When Amma first manifested her mission of Love in the mid ’70s, it was not advertised in the press, and no one wrote a story about it afterwards for the daily news. Still, hundreds came that day, and thousands kept coming. As Amma says, “Amma needs no propaganda. Does the ever-radiant Truth need any propaganda? Those who have purity of heart and thirst for God will seek Amma and reach Her.”

That is how it was, and this is how it still is today. Before the papers were championing Amma as “The Hugging Saint,” Her devotees and disciples were coming from all over Kerala, India, Europe, Australia and America-it was their thirst for God that brought them to Amma’s tiny fishing village, not a write-up in a paper.

Now after 30 years, the press has taken notice. Wherever Amma goes, they seem to follow. And in doing their research, the reporters find a vast spiritual and humanitarian mission that has existed for decades. Amma embraces the journalists and answers their questions in the same way She does any of Her other children. Rooted in Her experience of Oneness, Amma’s words are earthy, profound and imbued with a mother’s love. In reading or watching these reports, one often gets the feeling that the interviewer has gotten more than they bargained for; they went to Amma in search of a story – and found Love.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

“A large New York crowd waits patiently for hours hoping to spend a few moments with a very special woman who’s traveled thousands of miles from her native India, delivering a powerful message of enduring faith and hope.”

“These devotees are united in the belief that Mata Amritanandamayi is a saintly wonder. She draws millions of people around the world for spiritual relief that people say comes from her gentle touch.”

“Affectionately called “Ammachi” or “Amma,” meaning mother, she reaches out to one and all with a simplest of gestures — a meaningful embrace. Her welcome is warm, her smile is sparkling and her white sari glows and offers up a hug, as if each person in her arms were the only person in the room.”

“It is indeed fascinating to watch the hundreds of people — Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus — kneel as they get closer to Ammachi and her magnetic hugs. She embraces all faiths and describes herself as a servant of god.”

“Her outreach has a profound effect on those who receive her hugs. They come to heal and open up their hearts to a woman who has dedicated her life to spreading infinite compassion and motherly love throughout the world.”