inDeed Campaign for Nature Harmony

Help to restore the lost balance between humanity and nature through 6 easy commitments.

InDeed Campaign for Nature is all about action. It’s about putting Amma’s practical suggestions — about the way we might use the earth’s remaining resources, and the way we interact with the natural world — into practice in our own lives and our own communities. It’s about what each of us can do, right now, in our own backyard, to help restore the lost harmony between humanity and nature.

We have identified six simple, concrete actions each of us can take, based on Amma’s recommendations to help restore nature’s lost harmony. These are not life-changing events. Some of them are things you can do on the weekend. Some of them don’t require any extra effort on your part at all. Through a network of personal commitments and information to assist our individual efforts, we can collectively create a healthier, happier world.

Join the InDeed Campaign for Nature by making a personal commitment.

Conserve Water
We owe it to those children and to future generations to conserve water. The truth is, saving water is easy, and opportunities are all around us. When you make a personal commitment to conserve water, you will receive your free InDeed Guide to Water Conservation, packed with tips on saving water and reducing your water footprint so you can play your part in preserving the future of water.

Reduce your carbon footprint
The verdict is in – climate scientists overwhelmingly agree that global warming is caused by burning carbon-based fossil fuels, that to avoid a global catastrophe, we need to reduce the amount of fuels we burn, and that the window of opportunity is closing. The good news is, everyone can find ways to reduce their carbon footprint and be a part of the solution

Plant a tree
Embracing the World volunteers have already planted more than a million trees worldwide; let’s make it two. Planting a tree is not only good for nature and for the battle against global warming, its good for us, too. Planting a tree enriches our lives and helps us to feel deeply connected to the natural world.

Grow your own veggies
You don’t need a big backyard to grow your own organic vegetables — anyone with a windowsill can have an organic garden. When you start your own windowsill garden, your health benefits, you take a step towards greater self-reliance, and you get a front-row seat to witness the marvel of life. Growing your own organic vegetables is one of the most satisfying things you can do.

When you carpool with just one other person, you can both cut your carbon emissions in half! You also save time, save money on fuel and parking, and help to conserve the world’s dwindling fossil fuels.

Build a house for bird or bugs
When you decide to spend a few minutes or few hours building a home for bugs or birds, you will get to experience what it can mean for human beings to serve as stewards of nature and discover the magnificance of life on earth.