The Ecology Centre

In September 2005, the Ecology Centre officially opened in Amritapuri. Its focus is on educating everyone about how to make the world cleaner and greener.

One of the main jobs of the Ecology Centre is to educate people about EM, effective micro organisms. The centre also offers a variety of products that provide natural alternatives to chemicals used in the home, personal care, etc.

Here are some of the many items available at the centre:

Soap nuts — actually the dried fruit of the “soap-nut” tree collected by a tribal co-op in Northern India. These can be used as an alternative for laundry detergents, household soaps and shampoos. When the soap nuts are used as a laundry detergent, they need to be placed inside a small cotton bag. Local women who were affected by the tsunami have been stitching these bags in sewing classes provided by the Ashram.

Herbal powder mixtures — an alternative form of soap and shampoo. These are made at Amritapuri by the Amrita Ayurveda Centre.

Himalayan crystal salts — real natural salts as found in nature without added chemicals, etc. They contain all the necessary minerals the body needs to function properly, whereas common salt only contains one such mineral. A brine made from this salt can also be used for brushing one’s teeth and bathing.

Natural craft products —  made from bamboo by local tribal people. The people were trained in these crafts by the Ashram and soon will also be providing the Ashram with honey.

Tulasi (Holy Basil) seeds — Tulasi has medicinal qualities. Daily drinking water with the essence of tulasi or breathing in the air surrounding it shows a marked change in our physical and mental health.