Amrita Kutumbam


Spiritual Family Meetings

Thousands of families in India are earnestly applying Amma’s teachings in their lives. They spend about two hours every week doing spiritual practices like meditation, bhajan singing, and group chanting of the Divine name. This takes place in the form of Amrita Kutumbams, the basic organisational units of Mata Amritanandamayi Math, in which a few spiritually inclined families from the same area gather together once a week to become recharged spiritually.

The devotees give enthusiastic feedback about the results they experience:

“It has helped us to get rid of bad habits such as smoking, drinking and gambling.”

“Our tension and worries are getting replaced by peace and joy.”

“We experience that the collective worship ensures prosperity in our home and removes all malefic afflictions from the family.”

Pujas are conducted in the members’ homes, each one taking a turn on a different day of the week. The collective spiritual vibrations charge the atmospheres of the houses and have a strong positive influence on the characters of the family members. Participants enthusiastically report other benefits: Formation of strong bonds of love and mutual help among the family members and devotees, speedy recovery from illness and depression, development of children’s faith in God and respect towards elders, fulfillment of the desire to be in contact with Amma’s service activities.

At periodic intervals, mass pujas involving different units of Amritakutumbams from the same region are also conducted under the guidance of brahmacharis.