Amrita Yuva Dharma Dhara

– the International Youth Movement

AYUDH, the International youth movement of Mata Amritanandamayi Math, is active in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Africa and India.

AYUDH seeks to empower young people to integrate universal values into their daily lives. Starting with themselves, AYUDH wants to help establish a future of hope, peace and social engagement while maintaining an awareness of spiritual principles.

AYUDH stands for Amrita Yuva Dharma Dhara, a Sanskrit term which means “the youth which perpetuates the wheel of dharma (righteousness)”. In Sanskrit AYUDH also means Peace, which is symbolized by the dove in the logo.

AYUDH was founded in 1985.
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AYUDH is currently active in four fields:

  • Soup kitchens: Serving free food to the homeless and needy.
  • Caring for elderly and handicapped people:
  • Contributing positively to the local community through caring for those who are disadvantaged or lonely.
  • Educating underprivileged children in India: AYUDH gives regular free tuition and classes in English, Maths and Value Education to children from slum areas.
  • Charity fundraising: Selling homemade goods, organizing charity concerts and dinners to support the charitable projects of ETW around the world.
  • Meditation Classes: Providing an effetive tool for personal growth and unfoldment.
  • Regular youth meetings: Learning the art of being balanced, selfconfident and happy in life by exploring and developing one’s inherent potential.
  • Creative workshops: Expressing one’s creativity through music, drama, dance and artwork.
  • International youth retreats in Europe, America and Australia provide unique opportunities for intercultural exchange. Through talks and discussions, spiritual practices and creative workshops, the youth explore, develop and express their personal potential and learn how to become active members of society.


  • Planting trees to counter climate change and preserve the biodiversity of Nature.
  • Removing trash in slum areas and natural reservoirs
  • “BABEL” project in France on large-scale beekeeping and soil fertilization.
  • “growin”, an international project to encourage youth to cultivate their own food, in whatever space they have available. Through an online platform and local training courses the youth learn how to utilize every possible location to grow vegetables, be it a city balcony, a window shelf or a garden. The aim is to grow healthy, organic and locally grown food, hence reducing our footprint on the earth and reconnecting to nature.