People go back to the villages

1st January 2005

1. Now that people are returning to repair and salvage what they can from their homes, the Ashram is providing food for 600 people in Azhikkal three times a day, as well as for 100 policemen and firemen.

2. Breakfast was provided for about 7,000 people in the relief camps. As people return to their homes and as the government is arranging amenities in other areas, food is now supplied to only nine camps.

3. The Ashram is providing the people staying at its two camps with everything from slippers for those who didn’t have any, to things like soap, oil, toothpaste and toothbrushes, combs, soaps, washing soap, shirts, dothis, underwear, saris, blouses, undergarments and bedsheets.

4. Even a television is set up at the camps run by the Ashram.

5. Registration of all the displaced in the two camps set up by the Ashram is done by government officials. This way, the evacuees will accrue the same benefits as those housed at the government-run camps.

6. A detailed list of material damage suffered by the evacuees is being made at the Ashram-run camps.

7. Teams of ashramites and devotees have been doing regular rounds of camps to find out the needs of the people.

8. Medicine worth one lakh is distributed each day. Now there are three ambulances and 10 doctors, serving about 1,800 patients daily. Not only are their current needs met but long-term medication for heart patients, diabetics, asthamatics, etc. is also being provided.

9. More of the flood victims are expected to shift to the Ashram camps as the government starts vacating its camps. The Ashram is planning to accomodate the vacated people at its camps and to build temporary shelters.