False tsunami alert

30th December 2004

1. Around 11:00 a.m., an alarm was issued by the office of the Chief Minister of Kerala, ordering people to once again evacuate the coastal areas.

2. Evacuation from Amritapuri: Amma told everyone to once again calmly go to the other side of the backwaters.

3. After the majority of people had left, Amma came down from Her room and had a look around. She then told the remaining ashramites to shift all the plates, books, mats, cooking pots, speakers and other things being cleaned to higher ground.

4. Amma Herself engaged in the work.

5. Within half an hour everything was done.

6. The remaining ashramites insisted that Amma also leave for the university campus. Amma gives in to their request and accompanies them to the campus on the other side of the backwaters.

7. The Indian Government tells all foreign embassies in India to inform their citizens not to travel to the South.

8. The warning was soon taken back.

9. All the visitors of the ashram, devotees from the foreign countries are safe and fine.

10. Back at the University, Amma discusses the future needs of the displaced people with the relief workers and local devotees.

11. An assessment of the damage to houses on the coast is undertaken on Amma’s instructions.

12. Food, clothing and medicines are provided as usual at the various camps.

13. Volunteers are flowing in, bringing clothes and whatever they think may be of use to the displaced people.

14. Amma comes out in the night to spend time with Her children in meditation. She sings a few bhajans.

15. Amma is staying in the University campus for the time being.