A bollywood star shines for Amma in hollywood

20 June , Los Angeles, California — USA Yatra 2007

The majority of devotees attending Amma’s Los Angeles Retreat had no idea what a “playback singer” was when it was announced that “playback singer” Sonu Nigam would soon be performing a couple of songs for Amma. But during the next 20 minutes, the residents of Hollywood were completely won over by the Bollywood superstar whose voice has become a staple of the Indian film-industry during the past 10 years.

Accompanying himself on harmonium, Sonu offered two songs to Amma, saying from the stage that “Destiny has brought me here today.” The first song, “Sukh Me San Saathi Dukh Mein Na Koyi” was made popular by Mohammed Rafi. The second, “Jag Me Sundar Hai Do Naam,” was an Anoop Jalota bhajan.

In an interview after his performance and darshan, Sonu was asked to describe his feelings in regards to his first meeting with Amma. “You cannot describe these feelings,” he said. “Because certain things cannot be described—like music cannot be described. I can’t describe what a certain note is. You can just write down—‘C’, ‘D’ or ‘F’ (Sa Ri Ga Ma)—but you can’t really describe those words. Similarly, meeting someone like Amma is indescribable; you cannot put it into words. The only thing I can say is that it is a very, very divine feeling.”