The days of Amma the hugging saint in Iowa

2 -3 July 2007 — Coralville, Iowa, USA

Both the Lieutenant Governor of Iowa, Patty Judge, and the Mayor of Coralville, Jim Fausett, were on hand to welcome Amma to the Iowa City suburb of Coralville Monday morning. The lieutenant governor praised Amma’s charitable work and the mayor read aloud a proclamation stating July 2nd and 3rd 2007 to officially be “‘The Days of Amma the Hugging Saint’ in the city of Coralville.”

“On behalf of Governor [Chet] Culver and the people of Iowa, I want to welcome Amma to Iowa City and to tell you how honoured we are to have you here,” said the Lieutenant Governor. “It is not often that we host someone of such international importance, especially someone who has done so much to bring the world together and to improve the lives of so many millions of people.

“Amma, through your mission you have provided millions of dollars in disaster relief, have built thousands of homes for Indian families, and helped people throughout South-eastern Asia live a longer, happier life. But your impact is felt far beyond the borders of your own country. Your mission work has inspired millions of people across the globe to do more for their communities and for their fellow citizens. You are a role model for everyone, including all of us here in Iowa.”

The Lieutenant Governor ended her welcoming speech by saying, “Your work has brought India and the world together. We are proud that you have brought your message of peace and togetherness to Iowa.”

Mayor Fausett spoke next. He said, “In the world today, we see so much violence and so much hate, that we tend to forget the love that is necessary in this world. So it is indeed a real pleasure for me to welcome Amma, who was and is still spreading that love and that honour that we can receive by loving others.”

The mayor then read the following proclamation of the city of Coralville: “Whereas, Amma is a renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader, whose sole mission is to love and serve one and all. And whereas, the greatest miracle that takes place in Amma’s presence occurs in the hearts of those who come to her. And whereas, Amma is the recipient of the prestigious Gandhi-King Award for Non-Violence. And whereas, through the example of her own life of tireless service to humanity, Amma inspires her children to walk towards the goal of self-realization by serving the poor and the needy. And whereas, Amma has inspired many humanitarian activities that have drawn the attention of the world community. Now, therefore, be it resolved, that I, Mayor Jim L. Fausett, do hereby proclaim July 2nd and 3rd 2007 to be the ‘Days of Amma the Hugging Saint’ in the city of Coralville.”