Medical help to Surat flood victims

Brahmachari-doctors treating patients in Surat

25 August 2006 — Surat, Gujarat

Between August 17th and August 25th, brahmachari-doctors Ram Mohan and Chandrasekhar have seen to some 3,000 patients as part of the Ashram’s flood-relief work in Surat. Today, their work has concluded and they are returning to Amritapuri. During the past week they treated patients and distrubuted medicine in Rampura, Katagav, Lal Darvacha, Ichapore, Nanpura, Daboli, Singanpore, Amroli, Rander and Bhadpore Village.

18 August 2006 — Surat, Gujarat

Due to last week’s monsoon rains, the city of Surat in Gujarat was completely flooded. For four days, 90 percent of the city was completely immersed, with low-laying areas collecting water as deep as two-storeys. More than 300 people were killed.

Amma immediately sent two brahmachari-doctors to the region. AIMS, the Ashram’s Super Specialty Hospital, also sent two nurses. The brahmachari-doctors took with them medicines worth 14 lakh for distribution. They are being further assisted by Amma’s devotees living in Surat.

“The first day itself we tended to 500 people and distributed four-lakh in medicines. The second day we tended to 400 people,” says Br. Chandrasekhar, one of the doctors. “We mainly were treating people for communicable diseases, gastro-intestinitis and skin infections. Luckily, so far there have been no epidemics.”

Most of the water has receded, but the city is covered with slush and mud. Communication networks and power supply continue to be down in many areas, and people still have difficulty obtaining, food water and other essentials. Many people lost their medicines in the flood as well.

Using ambulances supplied by the government, the brahmachari-doctors are tending to all four areas in each of the city’s eight zones. Br. Chandrasekhar says that some of the worst-hit places they have been to so far include Rampura, Katagav and areas near the Tapi River such as Daboli.

“When Amma’s devotees in Surat called her at the Ashram, Amma said that she would do whatever was possible in terms of medicine, rehabilitation and reassurance,” says Br. Chandrasekhar.