World Environment Day to foster harmony among humans, animals and nature

world environment day

5th June 2024, Amritapuri Ashram

Today, Amritapuri Ashram became the center of a significant environmental initiative launched by AYUDH, inspired by Amma’s vision of a world where humans, animals, and nature coexist in perfect harmony. This initiative, unveiled on World Environment Day, carries the theme “Fostering Harmony: Coexistence of Humans, Animals, and Nature.”

In her opening remarks, Amma highlighted the escalating human-animal conflicts and the formidable environmental challenges that threaten the balance between human civilization and the natural world. “Despite our best efforts,” Amma noted, “we continue to grapple with conflicts with wildlife, deforestation, global warming, and climate change, all of which threaten the health of our planet and its inhabitants.”

Hon’ble Justice Shri KR Shriram of the Mumbai High Court, the first recipients of the seedlings

Amma emphasized the dire consequences of large-scale deforestation, which has not only reduced biodiversity but also led to the encroachment of forest land and the exploitation of resources. This has forced animals to venture into human-inhabited areas in search of food, exacerbating human-animal conflicts.

In response to these pressing issues, AYUDH, under Amma’s guidance, is initiating efforts to revitalize wildlife habitats and conserve precious water sources in forests. This initiative aims to provide immediate relief to animals while working towards sustainable long-term solutions. AYUDH volunteers across Kerala will prepare seedlings and seed balls of tree species essential for preserving the native vegetation and biodiversity of the forests.

To mark the launch of this initiative, Amma distributed seeds and saplings to AYUDH members, symbolizing the beginning of a new era of coexistence and environmental stewardship.

As children of Mother Nature, we all share a sacred duty to protect and cherish her. Every small action we take today contributes to a brighter, more sustainable future. This World Environment Day celebration inspired all participants to take active steps towards fostering harmony among humans, animals, and nature.


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