Around Amma 2022

Sanatan Wisdom book released

Sanatan Wisdom gives a basic essence of our scriptures that we are all divine beings and how to use this knowledge, for a joyful and fulfilled life.

16 Dec 2022, Amritapuri Ashram

Dr. Dinesh Shahra, the founder of the Dinesh Shahra Foundation (DSF), has written a book titled “Sanatan Wisdom” which aims to share the core values and specific tools of Sanatan culture for a happy, successful, and fulfilling life. The book was officially released by Amma at her daily evening program in Amritapuri.

Dr. Shahra is a well-known industrialist who has successfully incorporated the principles of Sanatan culture into his corporate career of over 50 years, making a significant impact in the Indian agriculture sector. He is credited for initiating the “Yellow Revolution” that transformed Madhya Pradesh into the “Soy Bowl” of the country. The DSF, under Dr. Shahra’s leadership, is on a mission to empower society by promoting Sanatan values of Vasudev kutumbakam, live to give, and sustainability.