Why I keep coming back to Amma?

15 September 2022, Amritapuri
Dr Mohan Bhagwat, the RSS Sarsanghachalak, visited Amma at her Ashram in Amritapuri.
Dr. Bhagwat then received Amma’s blessings and the meeting lasted for about two hours.
Sppeaking to the media afterwards he said: “We sangh people have been coming to this Ashram since years, and every time we get very good advice and a very good perspective in very simple words. In the light of our glorious tradition and our Sanskriti, various things are discussed. Amma tells us how to behave, how to work, what has to be achieved, and we get a new inspiration every time. That’s why I keep coming here.”
This is the second time he is visiting the Ashram.