Light the lamp of hope, compassion & unity

5 April 2020 – Amma’s message from Amritapuri

During this time, when the entire world is reeling in the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic, let each of us come together to light the lamp of hope, compassion and unity. The virus is filling us internally and externally with the poison of fear and anxiety. To destroy it, we have to ignite our inner flame, our inner light. Let us light the lamp of new life, the light of goodness, the light of knowledge that dispels the darkness of ignorance. Let us eliminate this poison with the panacea of right action and right thinking at the right time.  

Fire is the presiding deity of the spoken word. The qualities of fire are heat and light. However, in recent times, we have been emitting only heat and smoke instead of light. This very heat and smoke now are choking us. May we all be able to come together as one and light the lamp of knowledge, both internally and externally, thereby removing this heat and smoke.

If we all stand together as one, we can achieve this. Let us do the right thing with self-confidence and with an attitude of selflessness and love. 

You may wonder, “How can this dense darkness be removed if I light this tiny lamp?” If each one of us lights a small lamp, the strength of the light will multiply and everything can be illumined. Similarly, this action should help us to ignite the light in each of our hearts. May our selfless action combined with divine grace protect the world. Then, we will definitely succeed and come out of this darkness.