Amma has to be an emblem of every society and nation

October 6 – 7, Helsinki, Finland – Europe Yatra 2009

This year marked Amma’s 10th visit to Finland. The Mayor of the City of Vantaa, Juhani Paajanen welcomed Amma to Finland. In his welcome speech, he said, “Amma has conveyed that characteristics such as love, sympathy, and generosity are not only meant for the individual; they should become an integral part of every society’s internal structure and an emblem of each and every nation. Where there is awareness of this love that constitutes the foundation of life, there only peace prevails, and only those who experience true inner peace are able to convey that peace to others. Amma declares that the key to world peace rests within each and every individual living on this planet.

There is a lot of hatred in the world. Each of us is likely to become angry sometimes, but a hatred that lasts for years, even decades, leads no where at all; let alone the kind of hatred that survives the passing of centuries and is transferred from one generation to the next. Becoming stuck in hatred poisons the mind and prevents everything else.

Amma’s message and actions, which have reaped myriad rewards, are global, crossing the boundaries of religion, race, nationality, and class divisions. Amma’s diverse projects aim not only at humanitarian aid, but also strive to make modern technologies accessible to everyone, as well as to generate feelings of compassion and togetherness in all our fellow beings, regardless of their backgrounds.

We respect Amma’s global efforts to increase peace, love, and kindness. Her actions are also a source of inspiration for numerous Finns who have participated in projects as far away as India. During this visit of Amma, thousands of Finns are queuing to receive a hug from Amma and the power of love and comfort the hug transfers” Mr. Paajanen concluded

R.K. Kalra, Minister, Indian Embassy in Finland also came to receive Amma’s blessings. “Amma has followers in almost every part of the world. She is an apostle of peace. Her organization has been doing a lot of charitable works in India for promotion of peace for promotion of human brotherhood, sisterhood, love and affection” he said.
Finland was the first stop in Amma’s ten city visit of Europe yatra 2009.