International Peace Day to be observed

15  September 2005

September 21st has been designated by the United Nations as the International Day of Peace, a day when people of all nations are asked to come together in prayer for the peace and harmony of the entire world.

The Amritapuri Ashram and all its branches and institutions will be observing this event.

Amma urges all her children around the world to participate, saying that she feels that darkness is still enveloping the world, that Nature is still angry and that it is important that we pray for harmony amongst humanity, between man and nature, and within our selves.

At Amritapuri, Amma and the ashram residents will come together at 12 noon to chant lokah samstah sukhino bhavantu [“May all the beings in all the world be happy”]. Amma urges her children throughout the world to dedicate one minute to the continuous chanting this mantra as well.