A world of taste comes to Amritapuri

A smorgasbord of food from around the world can be found at Amritavarsham60. Delicacies from Singapore to the USA and back to North and South India have been made available to visitors to celebrate the diversity of Amma’s children visiting Amritapuri for the festivities.
Elizabeth Laschimger from Germany is a big fan of the North Indian stall, having visited twice.

“I enjoy eating the food of North India,” Elizabeth said. “It’s perfect for this warm climate – the spices help to energize me. The food is also delicious, I enjoyed the Gota and the vegetarian rice and curry,” she said.

Indians from across the country who have come to the program have been happy to sample the cuisines of other countries. Navya Bhaskaram from Kerala says she loves her food and is excited to try something different.

“I tried a veggie cheeseburger from the Western Canteen and it was very delicious,” she said. ” I have also had the Kulfi, which is a North Indian dessert – and it was very good. However, I liked the South Indian Canteen as it has an excellent Marsala Dosa that is very filling.”

Vaishnavi Gopalasamy from the USA, who now lives year-round at Amritapuri, said she appreciated the chance to try something different. She says she enjoys good food and appreciates that a variety of cuisines from around the world is available in one place.

“I tried the food at A Taste of Singapore, including the Nasi Goreng and the Bee Hoon,” she said. I’ve also been to the North Indian Canteen a few times and really enjoyed the Kalai Paneer and the Alooparatha. It’s all so good.”

– Lasita