We enjoy helping others

Amrita University students clean-up

Hundreds of students from Amrita University have joined in the Amritavarsham60 celebrations by rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty.

Managing the logistics of food service, waste management and crowd safety is a big job at an event with visitors numbering in the hundreds of thousands, but the Amrita students have risen to the occasion.


Students from various schools and campuses, including the Amrita School of Nursing in Cochin and the Amrita School of Engineering at Bangalore travelled to Amritapuri to pick-up trash, serve food and control the huge crowds to ensure safety.

Geethu Gopil, 21, from Amrita School of Nursing at Cochin said she felt satisfied seeing how she can make a difference to the comfort and safety of devotees as they celebrate Amma’s birthday .

“Our main job is to make sure that the plates people use to eat their food are cleaned properly and returned for the next meal,” she said. “Selflessly serving others is an honour, especially as all of the visitors are here to see our Mother.”


Lakshman Shiva, 17, from Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore said he enjoyed the team building that came from working together with his fellow students to serve others.

“We enjoy helping others,” he said. “We have been doing everything from crowd safety to trash collection and food serving, all of which we enjoy.”

– Lasita