Amma is applying the real communist principles

26 September 2005 — Amritapuri

Sri. Devakumar is a member of Kerala’s Legislative Assembly and is a leader of the CPIM (Communist Party of India, Marxist). Speaking before the Assembly, Sr. Devakumar strongly supported Amma’s social-welfare projects, particularly in regard to the Ashram’s tsunami-relief work. He was one of thousands of people who came to Amritapuri in order to celebrate Amma’s birthday.

What is your impression when you see such big crowd?
This gathering of Amma’s devotees and other people is very precious. Because it is spiritual, but at the same time there is no differentiation between religions. All are equal here.

How do you evaluate Amma’s social work?
It is very much needed, specifically the tsunami work and educational activities.

Anything special happened to you today?
Yes, when I met Amma in her room, she knew that I had diabetes, so she used some blood-sugar-testing equipment and checked my blood herself! It was 162. After that, when I was offered juice, Amma told me not to take it… like a real mother! She really cares for everyone like a real mother.

What would like to offer her on her birthday?
I wish her a long life. I believe that Amma is applying the real communist principles.

But as a communist leader, you must have had a negative opinion about her in the beginning?
That all changed when I saw how her work and how helpful and needed it is for the poor people. I know the places where she is giving help and, as a representative of the people, I know the needs of the people there.