Buildings down, spirits up!

25 March 2001, Ahmedabad to Delhi

The program in Ahmedabad was finished; the long trek (two days by bus) from there to Delhi, via Pushkar, had begun. It was dark, chai was being brewed, and the tour members were seated around Amma on the ground, eager for whatever laughter or satsang or singing might occur. One never knows, with Amma!

She looked over at one of the tour photographers who had just returned from the earthquake region of Gujarat and asked, “Did you go there? How was it?”

The answer was simple, and surprising: “Buildings down. Spirits up.”

The people say: “For so long, God was giving us prosperity. Now He has destroyed it. But again there will be prosperity. He will not leave us in this condition.”

When Mother heard these words that evening while the chai was being brewed, Her Face shone with delight. “Saranagati,” She said. It was translated: “Real Surrender.” The goal, indeed, of spiritual aspirants is something the people of Gujarat are showing us.