“A Great Woman, A Great Humanitarian & A Great World Leader

“A Great Woman, A Great Humanitarian & A Great World Leader”

18 June 2009 — Los Angeles, California, USA

When Amma came to Los Angeles for her annual visit, she was welcomed by a number of California politicians, including the Mayor of Santa Monica, Michael Feinstein and Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry. Senator Gilbert Cedillo’s Office also sent an official certificate of commendation and recognition.

Before garlanding Amma, Mayor Feinstein spoke about Amma’s humanitarian projects, specifically praising her programs assisting impoverished agricultural families.

“The embrace is something that she does physically and spiritually, but it is also something that she has inspired in a bigger way in terms of service to the world,” the mayor said. “All the kind of help she has offered to people around the planet is an embrace of its own sort. Really the embrace is about love, but it is also about taking that love and sharing it in a practical manner.”

Councilwoman Perry also praised Amma’s humanitarian works, referring to her as “A great woman, a great humanitarian, and a great world leader.”

Perry continued: “It is honour to just recite the many gifts you have already bestowed around the world—in Kenya, to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund, to tsunami victims, to prevent suicides of farmers who are having agricultural problems and the many educational and medical programs throughout the globe.

“As one who also serves the homeless, it is an honour to be able to meet someone of such great stature who sets the standard so very high for the rest of the world to follow. … Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.”

– Tulasi