We can not learn real knowledge at school

Amma’s 2001 visit to Japan
Renowned Professor Nara, emeritus of well-known National University of Foreign Studies in Tokyo, and engaged in many public service activities, gave an introductory speech about Amma and Indian spirituality.

Although this was the first time Professor Nara met with Amma, he immediately realized Amma’s extraordinary nature. In his talk, he said, “we can not learn real knowledge from studying books or at school. We can learn real knowledge only by being in the presence of real Mahatma, like Amma Just in the presence of Her, real knowledge overflows into us like rays of light illumines us. Today, we are very fortunate that Amma is here with us, and we need to maximize this benefit for our own sake.”

A representative from Indian Embassy in Tokyo attended Amma’s program and garlanded her.

A Group of Japanese college students sang bhajans at Devi Bhava. They are the members who came to Kerala this March for Amritakuteeram house building project.