Building an island of homes with Hearts

18 November, Edachira, Alappad

On a small island about 4km north of Amritapuri, the Ashram is building 28 new Tsunami homes.  The island, known as Edachira, has no roads and is accessible only by boat.   This has proven to be a unique challenge for the villagers, Amrita University students, volunteers, and Ashramites who have been participating in the daily ‘Brick Seva.’

View of the ashram from edachira

First, all the construction materials – bricks, gravel, sand, etc… are brought to the edge of the backwaters along the mainland.   Then, everything is loaded into boats and transported to the island which is approximately 50 yards away.   During low tide, the boats, heavy with materials, are unable to come right up to the shoreline.  The volunteers must then go knee-deep into the waters to pass the materials to shore.  Once unloaded, the materials must still be transported to the actual construction sites.