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Amma in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

(29 Jun '13)

June 25-26, Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Ameirca Yatra 2013 After the Dallas programs, Amma and the tour group travelled almost 1400km north and visited the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa for the first time. Along the way the group stopped with Amma under the shade of a grove of trees just besides a small lake. […]

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Amma in Dallas

(26 Jun '13)

June 22-23, Dallas, Texas After finishing five days of programs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Amma continued to the next programs in Dallas, Texas. Along the way Amma stopped with the tour group at sunset besides a lake.  Everyone sat with Amma just besides a large prairie dog colony.  As the sun began to set and […]

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Amma in New Mexico

(23 Jun '13)

June 16-20, Albuquerque, New Mexico – 2013 America Yatra After the final program ended in Los Angeles at 11am, Amma and the tour group travelled the 1300km by road across the deserts of the Southwest to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Despite the long journey, Amma still took the time to stop with the tour group in […]

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Darkness can not compete with her

(19 Jun '13)

June 10-14, Los Angeles, California – America Yatra 2013 Amma held 2 days of a public programs and a 3 day retreat at the LAX Hilton. People from all over Southern California converged on the program hall to hear Amma’s satsang and bhajans and to receive her darshan.  World famous actor Jim Carrey also came […]

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Amma’s Japan – America Yatra 2013

(26 Mar '13)

Amma to visit Tokyo, Japan on May 20-22 and the American continent from 24 May to 18 July 2013. More details will follow. (There may be changes in the  program dates & details. Keep checking this page for updates. Last updated on 30 March 8.34 pm) Seattle May 24 Public Program May 25- 27 Retreat […]

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