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Spiritual practices set you free

(10 Apr '14)

Monday, 7 April 2014, Amritapuri, Seashore Meditation and Question & Answer Question: Amma, how can I have self-discipline without being too hard on myself? Amma: Daughter, if you have the desire to build a house, what will you do? You will think about how you want it to look, you will sit with the architect, […]

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Spiritual investment will never go waste

(30 May '11)

23 May 2011,  Amritpauri Every year before the USA yatra, Amma holds a meeting for all the ashramites. This is the time of the year when she shares her vision on the working of the institutions, point out shortcomings, suggesting the modus operandi we need to pursue and tips on sadhana. This year also was […]

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Amma on Lord Shiva

(12 Feb '10)

This is a select collection of sayings on Lord Shiva taken from Amma’s messages, talks and books. ******* Some believe that Lord Shiva is at Kashi alone or Lord Krishna is only in Brindavan. Dear children, do not think that God is confined to the four walls of a temple or a place. He is […]

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Time loss is a loss forever

(10 Feb '10)

Amma on the practicality of Spiritual practices 1 Feb 2010, Amritapuri Amma’s walk to the beach is a welcome sign for many ashramites and visitors. Sad faces blossom into smiles, surprised looks turn into glee. Such is the presence of Amma. The very evening becomes a festival. Last Monday evening the bell rang at 5 […]

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Go beyond the mind

(31 Jul '06)

31 July 2006 — Amritapuri Amma had been giving darshan in North America for two months. Regardless, the day after her return to Amritapuri, she promptly came to the temple to give her first meditation and question-and-answer session with the ashram residents. When Amma is in Amritapuri, the brahmacharins and householder devotees who live here […]

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Observance of customs, vows and rituals: Amma says

(8 Nov '04)

Acharas are Necessary for a Sadhak’s Progress “Acharas (observance of customs) are necessary for a sadhak’s (spiritual aspirant) progress. Just as there is a way to act in front of a policemen, there is also a way to conduct oneself before a Guru, elders or in a temple or holy place. Customs will instil a […]

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Prayer: Tuning to God

(8 Jul '04)

Amma says:- “Only in the depth of pure silence can we hear God’s voice.” “God is compassion. He is waiting at the door of every heart. He is an uninvited guest everywhere, because whether you call Him or not, He is there. Whether you are a believer or a nonbeliever, He is within you uninvited. […]

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