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Rich hearted children

(28 Jun '10)

26 Jun, Albuquerque, New Mexico – 2010 USA yatra Fifteen of Amma’s children in New Mexico ranging from ages 5 through 15 have been selling handmade art during the 5 day Albuquerque program. They have been making beautiful cards of many colors with their own drawings and cut out Amma photos from various free publications. […]

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We enjoy our planet earth

(25 Jun '10)

From May 22-24 about 40 children, age 5-13, with their parents, from Germany and Switzerland came together at the M.A. Center, Germany, to spend a children-retreat together. The motto of the weekend was “Nature- we enjoy our planet earth!” With a playful and humorous approach it was made possible for the kids to dive into […]

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Lighting a flame for Peace

(3 Aug '09)

On the weekend of May 30 through June 1, 2009, 35 children between 5 and 12 years of age and their parents from Germany and Switzerland met at the Training Center Hof Herrenberg Association for the 5th meeting for children. First, the children were shown a view of human values by the funny figure Clown […]

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Youth wise beyond their years, meet wisdom from beyond

(11 May '07)

Amritam 2007 — Personality Development Camp 11 May — Amritapuri On Friday, Amma held a second question-and-answer session with the children participating in the Amritam ’07 Personality Development Camp. Before Amma began answering the children’s questions, she told them all that she expects to see some change in them after their completion of the five-day […]

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Questioning children can eradicate poverty

(8 May '07)

Amritam 2007 — Personality Development Camp 8 May — Amritapuri “What is the meaning of ‘Om’?”, “Why must devotees of God still face sorrow?”, “Was the tsunami a punishment sent by God?”, “Amma, when you were a little girl and your parents beat you, what were your thoughts?” These were some of the questions put […]

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