Amma’s programme dates for March

Amma’s program dates  for the month of March (3rd leg of Bharata Yatra 2009)

7th  March –  Sat
Tiruvalla, Kerala

Municipal stadium, Tiruvalla.

18 – 19 March ( Wed – Thu)
Mananthavady, Kerala

MAM,  Amritagiri, Mananthavady Wayanad, Kerala – 670645 Phone: 04935241550

21 – 22 March (Sat- Sun)
Mysore, Karnataka

MAM, 114 7th Cross, Bogadi II Stage, Mysore 560006, Karnataka, Phone: (0821) 2542 682

24- 25 March (Tue – Wed)
Bangalore, Karnataka

MAM, 136, Ullal Cross Road, Jnana Bharathi, 2nd stage, (behind Bangalore University), Opp. Nagdevanahalli (B.D.A. Lay Out), Bangalore 560 056,  Phone: 080- 28486767, Fax: 080 28439565,

MAM at the Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting

The M.A.M has again been instrumental in drawing the attention of government representatives and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to the issue of the escalating rate of suicide among farmers. This took place at the Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting (IPM) for the seventeenth session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-17) held at United Nations headquarters in New York February 23rd – 27th.

At the Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting (IPM)The M.A M participated in the NGO and Women major groups discussing the broader issue of suicide among farmers, while specifically highlighting Ashram’s Farmer Relief Project. Subsequently, the issue of farmer suicide became part of the agenda for CSD-17 through the Women’s Major Group statement:

Build social capital and resilience in rural communities:
* Empower women from small farming communities by advocating and insuring the exercise of their rights to secure land tenure and inheritance, which is of crucial importance especially in the case of farmers’ suicide.
* Build resilience of rural communities, especially women and children, to cope with and recover from natural disasters, conflicts and epidemic calamities such as the plight of farmers’ suicide.

Relaxation for Body & Mind

Workshop With the Mentally Challenged

Since 2007 AYUDH Spain has been collaborating with the Catalan Sport Federation of Limited Disabilities to bring joy into the lives of mentally challenged people. At least once per month, AYUDH members take a group of mentally challenged young adults for an outing in Barcelona. Usually they take advantage of local cultural festivals and events.

Recently AYUDH prepared a special activity involving music, body movement and relaxation for the group of disabled people.

dace of joy

“When we started the music, they all got very excited. Even those who felt a little shy at the beginning started to dance–in pairs, alone or in a group!  We did simple, fun exercises to the rhythm of the music. We shared so much happiness, being invited by the music to let go of all fears and tensions!” said Gemma, the AYUDH Spain leader.

With eyes closed, everyone was laying down on the floor, soft music playing in the background. Everybody went into a deep state of relaxation.  Finally all danced together as a group, joyfully.

“It was amazing to see these mentally challenged people, who can be very restless at times, so relaxed,” said Gemma.

One participant explained that it was nice to do something so completely different from ordinary life, feeling happy and well balanced.

“I liked the workshop a lot. I think it’s very good to help these people with learning disabilities, who can benefit so much from this kind of workshop. It is very gratifying to listen to what these people have to say and hear how they want to continue their lives. They are, in fact, very interesting and loving people,” said Cristina Chorro, an AYUDH member, thanking them for giving an opportunity.

Another AYUDH member, Laura Castellu, said, “I was really touched when they explained to us all how they had felt during the meditation. I remember one person who explained that she loves this kind of guided meditations because she enters a new, happier world–full of light and love.”

“They asked us to give more workshops like this in the future and even to arrange one for their superiors at work, in order to make them more relaxed as well,” said Gemma.

– Das

Taking Charge of Life in Kenya

Br. Shubamrita visited the Republic of Kenya from February 5th to 13th 2009.

More than 350 guests attended the public talk, bhajans and meditation led by Br. Shubamrita held at the Oshwal High School Auditorium, Nairobi on February 7th  evening. The topic on which he spoke, “Take Charge of Your Life,” was well received by both Indians and native Kenyans.

IAM Kenya

Nearly 120 people participated in the Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique ® Course on February 8th.

Br. Shubamrita also visited several children’s care homes to distribute food and interact with the children. Amma’s organization will soon start projects in Kenya to reach out to impoverished children in Kenya. A children’s care home will be constructed near Athi River, on the outskirts of Nairobi. The project is to be launched during Amma’s visit in April.

Br. Shubamrita also met with a group of youth with albinism. He encouraged the young adults to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.

Br. Shubamrita addressed around 80 of the local managers and staff of Sher Karuturi Ltd., the world’s largest rose-producer on the subject “Spirituality and Management.”

Br. Shubamrita also conducted hour-long radio interviews with Sound Asia and East FM.

Recent activities of Amrita Center Kenya include regular visits to orphanages to distribute food and basic necessities to the children. Charity movie shows, dance performances and art exhibitions have been organized in order to support the funding of the upcoming Children’s Home. The youth group AYUDH Kenya has started an initiative to collect books for a library of the Children’s Home.

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