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The yatra that’s not a yatra

(18 Feb '06)

18 February  — Kalyan Durga, Andhra Pradesh, off SH, en route to Hyderabad from Davanagere -Bharata Yatra 2006 Leaving Karwar and heading inland to Davanagere, the lush coconut groves and backwater inlets of the coast are left behind. The highway leads through forests–dense, deep and dark. Then, moving on to Hyderabad, this too begins to […]

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Singing to the tala of the sea

(14 Feb '06)

14 February  — Dhareshwar Beach, 80 km south of Karwar, Karnataka –Bharata Yatra 2006 From Mangalore to Karwar, it’s a straight shot. Both towns are on the Arabian Sea. Just get on NH 17 and head north. At a distance of 270 kilometres, with a decent road, it’s one of the shortest trips of the […]

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Was Dhareshwar calling Amma?

(14 Feb '06)

14 February 2006 — Dhareshwar Beach, Karnataka From the limited perspective of man, the actions of an Enlightened One are both unpredictable and unfathomable. One minute they may seem to follow logic. The next, they may behave as if mad. Sometimes they seem to act out of habit, and then out of the blue they […]

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From Kannur to Bangalore, from anger to compassion

(8 Feb '06)

8 February —Kannur, Kerala –Bharata Yatra 2006 Darshan in Kannur did not finish until 9:00 the next morning—from start to finish Amma had been onstage for 15 hours continuously. But there was no time for rest. Bangalore, the next stop on the tour, lay 400 kilometres to the north. Given that in order to get […]

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Spiritual Names: Reminders of who we really are

(8 Feb '06)

8 February 2006 —Talassery, Kerala – Bharata Yatra 2006 At their request, Amma has given many of her devotees “spiritual names”—typically Sanskrit or Sanskrit-derived words that indicate divine qualities, spiritual principles or are names of gods or saints in themselves. For example, Vinaya (a feminine name meaning “humility”), Mahesh (a name for Shiva, meaning “Great […]

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Praying for a revolution in the heart

(7 Feb '06)

7 February — Kannur, Kerala –Bharata Yatra 2006 Although Kannur means “Land of Kanna*,” the northern Kerala district regularly makes headlines for being the home to politically motivated violence, even brutal public killings. The majority of the district supports pro-Communist parties, which in general are anti-religion and, even more so, anti-“God-man.” In the past, it […]

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Bharata Yatra 2006 begins….

(3 Feb '06)

3 February 2006 — Amritapuri The packing began in earnest only the day before departure–and most of that was done at night. Nine buses named after the Divine Mother–Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, Sree, Mata, Amba, Amrita, Vani and Devi–all had to be loaded. The full night, brahmacharis and devotees climbed up and down the bus ladders, […]

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