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Amma in Japan 2002

(22 May '02)

Amma visited Japan in may of 2002

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Goodbye for the summer

(20 May '02)

20 May 2002,Final Darshans in Amritapuri It’s been this way for 16 years now. When the Monsoon comes, all of Amma’s Indian devotees know it is time to come to Amritapuri for one last darshan. After stopping public darshan for one week in order to spend time with the ashramites who stay behind during Her […]

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A change of weather in Kannur

(4 May '02)

4 May 2002,Kannur During the Palakkad Brahmasthanam, with the temperatures climbing past 40 degrees, many people in Amma’s tour group were praying for rain – anything to bring some respite from the heat. Well, they finally got the rain they were praying for in Kannur, the last stop on the tour. By the time Amma’s […]

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