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The Living Upanishad

(13 Jun '01)

The Upanishads are the most revered texts of Sanatana Dharma, the Eternal Wisdom, which represents the essence of Life. The most sublime philosophy concerning the nature of Reality is expressed in these Upanishads. The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word Upanishad is “to sit down near” or “to sit Totally (with complete attention) near the […]

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Unrelenting Compassion

(8 Jun '01)

8,June 2001 San Ramon On the cover of the CD that Jason gave Mother a couple of years ago was the picture of a slim, hauntingly handsome young man. There was something ethereal in his innocent face. He held an electric guitar. He was a rock guitarist. His songs had titles like “Primal” and “End […]

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But who hugs Amma?

(7 Jun '01)

7,Friday June A reporter from the local CBS TV station has come to cover the story of “the Hugging Saint”. After asking Amma to talk a little about Her childhood, and to explain why She hugs everyone, the reporter asked Her: “But Amma, who hugs YOU?” She laughed delightedly, and then answered: “The whole of […]

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Walking darshan

(6 Jun '01)

6 June, San Ramon “Like a deer caught in headlamps,” Sue said. That’s how she felt: frozen, unable to move, stunned. But the comparison shouldn’t be carried too far: she was not about to be shot by a hunter, nor run over by a speeding car. It’s just that, all unexpected, Mother walked by. It […]

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We can not learn real knowledge at school

(1 Jun '01)

Amma’s 2001 visit to Japan Renowned Professor Nara, emeritus of well-known National University of Foreign Studies in Tokyo, and engaged in many public service activities, gave an introductory speech about Amma and Indian spirituality. Although this was the first time Professor Nara met with Amma, he immediately realized Amma’s extraordinary nature. In his talk, he […]

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