Social & Cultural Leaders


I was very struck by how much of what is generated, how much of the money that is mobilized, actually goes and benefits directly those in need. Amma acts on the spontaneous and instinctive. And that has given a lot of speed and momentum, cut out the bureaucracy, and made it possible to inspire people and to move with them to actually provide timely and quality support to those in need. And I think international NGOs and UN agencies have something to learn from the work of Amma and what she has been able to build.

—Olara A. Otunnu

former President, UN Security Council; former Chairman, UN Human Rights Commission -in 2006 when he visited Amritapuri

Amma expressed a peace and love that touches the fundamental aspects of human life. She is attracting lots of people all over the world through Her message and Her character. She expresses these components that are the foundations of the future world we are committed to make with UNESCO and the World Parliament. She is a great leader and we are honoured that She is addressing the closing ceremony.

— Felix Martin,

Director General of UNESCO
Parliament of World’s Religions, Barcelona, 13 July 2004


Let Amma’s love and compassion roll like a tidal wave and engulf the whole world, flowing so that no child who is hungry and without a mother will go on suffering.We will be with you wherever you want us in your service, Amma.”

— Sri. Bawa Jain,

Secretary General, World Council of Religious Leaders
during Amritavarsham50, Kochi, Kerala, 24 September 2003

Amma, you are an inspiration to a lot of people, and if we all took one page of your book of life, we can be better people, and being better people, we can have a better world.

—Di Kerr

Elder from Australia’s Wunrundjeri Aborigini Tribe:
Melbourne, Australia,6 April 2008

We come to celebrate and acknowledge a personification of love. Amma, your selfless desires, your selfless actions are your greatest testament and commitment to man.

—Dr. P.L.O Lumumba

Renowned advocate and Human Rights defender
(Kenya) 14 April 09


My first feeling of Amma—right from the beginning—was that some great Mahatmas are born for changing the destiny of the world, and She is one. They have come for a purpose. They are not ordinary. They are Parameshwara Himself. They come with a purpose.

—Sri. Ashok Singhal,

President of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP)
New Delhi, 17 March 2004

Mata Amritanandamayi represents a long line of women seers, saints, social reformers who have transformed the collective psyche of India by their sheer presence. Their experience of the inner life of reflection and introspection, of tapas [austerities] and sadhana [spiritual practice], has, as it had to, manifest itself in diverse ways of public action for the good of humanity.

— Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan,

former secretary of the Department of Arts, Ministry of Human Resources of India
during Amritavarsham50, Kochi, Kerala, 25 September 2003

It [Amritavarsham50] has been phenomenal. Of all the religious and spiritual gatherings I have been to around the world, this is something special. To have such an energy coming from one religious leader, this is of a magnitude I have not seen.

—Ms. Dena Merriam, Vice Chairwoman,

Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious & Spiritual Leaders
during Amritavarsham50, Kochi, Kerala, 26 September 2003

Amma is a very important religious leader and we are very honoured to have Her here as the keynote speaker on our closing ceremony. Amma is very loving, She exudes love and affection for human life and She does it in such a way that people understand the message that She brings. The Parliament is meant to build bridges between religions and peoples. Amma is a great example of unity and love to all of us. Personally, I feel that Her embrace is more than just a handshake, it’s is more that a kiss.. more than a kiss of peace! It is a vigorously down to earth hug… And it is powerfully familiar!

—Rev. Dr. William E. Lesher,

Chairman of the Trustees, Parliament of World’s Religions
Parlament of World’s Religions, Barcelona, 13 July 2004


I had the blessed privilege and honour to meet Amma and receive darshan during Her U.S. Tour. It was a moment of transcendence, for I was able to grasp for the first time the essence of true fulfilment and agape [unconditional] love. What I cherish about Amma is that she not only talks the talk and is the embodiment of unconditional love, but She expresses that love in action. She walks the talk. Mahatma Gandhi urged us to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world.’ Amma is the change she wants to see in our world. She is a profound living example for all of us.

—Ms. Yolanda King, Daughter of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Director, Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Non-Violent Social Change
during Amritavarsham50 Kochi, Kerala, 25 September, 2003


In Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, we have the embodiment of both motherhood and spirituality mingled in one single human presence that embraces the entire globe as it is, without any discrimination, in one single sweep of unbounded love and limitless acts of compassionate service.

— Sri. P. Parameshwaran,

Director, Bharatiya Vichara Kendra
during Amritavarsham50, Kochi, Kerala, 25 September, 2003


We all need heroes, people like Amma, who remind us of how great we can be when we’ve forgotten.”I think Amma is truly doing more for women than any other being on earth.”

— Ms. Linda Evans, American actress

during Amritavarsham50, Kochi, Kerala, 24 September 2003