Amrita SeRVe – Amrita Self-Reliant Villages

Amma’s 60th birthday was celebrated with the launch of a new humanitarian project, through which the Mata Amritanandamayi Math (MAM) selected 101 villages across all states of India with the goal of helping them become self-reliant role-model villages for the country. This new project titled Amrita Self-Reliant Villages (Amrita SeRVe) draws upon the total infrastructure established by MAM, since its inception more than three decades ago.

Travelling across the length and breadth of India as part of her annual tours—stopping in remote areas en route from one city’s program to another—Amma has personally seen the problems of millions of poor villagers all over the nation. As per the 2011 census, about 70% of India’s people live in the villages. This forms the world’s largest rural population. Amma says that rural areas form India’s foundation, and Her very life-force, and it is time to move forward with one heart and one mind to protect and serve them.

The goal of Amrita SeRVe is to bring about improved educational opportunities and quality healthcare to rural India as well as ensure its sustainable development. Agriculture is key, and the goal is to make a transition to natural farming without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Strengthening traditional building technologies and relying on local resources when developing infrastructure, is of prime importance. The focus is also on bringing people in the village together, constituting Self Reliant Groups and empowering them to solve problems in their communities. And in accordance with the local culture, values and traditions.

Accordingly, Amrita SeRVe is focusing its efforts in the following seven areas.

· Health

· Education

· Water and Sanitation

· Agriculture

· Eco Friendly Infrastructure

· Income Generation

· Self Empowerment

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