Make your heart a Vrindavan

Sri Krishna Jayanti is the day when the consciousness that pervades the universe incarnated as Lord Krishna, the embodiment of beauty that had the power to attract all beings in creation. Perhaps Sri Krishna’s personality is the greatest that humankind has ever seen. His life and teachings were significant back then, are significant now and will remain so forever. Regardless of time or place, Sri Krishna’s life and teachings will always set an example for everyone, regardless of who they are or their culture. Even after a thousand years, nothing can take away from the glory and importance of Sri Krishna. In every sense of the word, Sri Krishna is a vishva-vidyalayam—an international university, as it were… a universal abode of knowledge. Sri Krishna shows us the way to completely accept the world, our allotted role in life and the various situations that arise. That is the reason why everyone takes so much inspiration from his life.

Moksha—eternal liberation from sorrow—is not something attained after death in some other world. It is something to be understood and experienced while living here in this world. Sri Krishna taught this principle through the example of his life.

Discontentment is the real poverty; contentment the real prosperity. This is one of the important teachings Lord Krishna taught to humankind. From the moment of his birth, till the time he ascended to heaven, his life saw one trial after another. However this had no effect on his happiness or contentment in anyway. The ever-smiling face of Sri Krishna was the indicator of his inner experience of perfect contentment.
An ordinary actor confines his performance to a small stage. But for Sri Krishna, the entire world was a stage. The various characters he played, with their various costumes, kept changing, but Sri Krishna excelled nonetheless, abiding firm in the awareness that “None of these roles are my true nature. I am the supreme consciousness.” In this way, he made his own life, as well as the lives of those around him, a celebration.

(Excerpts from Amma’s Sri Krishna Jayanthi message 2010, Amritapuri)