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Amma in Munich

(16 Oct '13)

Oct 12-15 – Munich, Germany — Europe Yatra 2013 Zenith Halle, the venue of Amma’s program in Munich, was brimming with joy as Amma entered the hall for darshan on the first morning. As she walked to the stage through arches made of leaves held by devotees dressed in traditional Bavarian attire, the choir sang […]

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May you continue to transform more and more people

(11 Oct '13)

08-10 Oct, Winterthur, Switzerland – 2013 Europe Yatra Amma was accorded a warm welcome by her Swiss children on arriving from Helsinki at the Zurich airport. The venue of the program was the same as the last few years at the Eulach Halle in Winterthur. As Amma arrived at the hall, she was given a […]

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Welcome Amma to Suomi

(7 Oct '13)

05-06 Oct, Helsinki, Finland – Europe Yatra 2013 “Welcome Amma to Suomi (Finland)” was the call from many of Amma’s children who had gathered at the Helsinki airport to welcome Amma to Finland, the first stop of her European Tour 2013. The two day programme in this beautiful Scandinavian country was held at the Energia […]

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Amma’s Europe Yatra 2013

(2 Sep '13)

Amma to visit Europe in October and November. Visiting eight countries, she will hold programs in 11 cities on this 40 day trip.   Oct 05-06 – Helsinki, Finland Oct 08-10 – Winterthur (Switzerland) Oct 12-15 – Munich (Germany) Oct 17-19 – Paris (France) Oct 21-23 – London (England) Oct 25-26 – Berlin (Germany) Oct […]

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